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Manufacturers of custom-made nylon, polyester, and polypropylene webbing products for over 30 years...

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1" x 4' 2-ply with protection wear pads in eyeloops.

1" x 5' 1-ply nylon lifting slings.

1" x 6' 1-ply polyester endless lifting slings.

1" x 6' 2-ply endless lifting slings with velcro sliding wear pads.

Heavy-Duty 2-legged bridle, polyester lifting sling.

Industrial nylon lifting slings.

4" x 12' 2-ply yellow straps & 6" x 20' 4-ply white strap with 32" reversed eyeloops.

Yellow polyester tire tie-downs with 10,000 lbs. (approx.) O-ring at end.

2" x 7' tire tie-downs, full length view.

2" x 4' 2-ply eye and eye slings.

2" x 24" 2-ply black axle straps.

1" x 36" 2-ply polyester endless slings.

2" x 10' black heavy duty ratchet assembly tie-down straps.

6" x 30' 2-ply recovery strap with extra eyeloops 24" from each end.

Custom-made 2" x 75' 1-ply yellow tow strap with protection wear pad on eyeloops each end.

2" x 100' yellow polyester anchorline with D-ring on one end and eyeloop on other end.

2" x 24" axle straps made out of 12,000 lbs. (approx.) polyester webbing.

6" x 28' 4-ply nylon lifting sling with 32" reversed eyeloops.
[photo courtesy of Allied Mechanical Co.]

6" x 28' 4-ply lifting a granite block.
[photo courtesy of Allied Mechanical Co.]

"Setting up to lift", 6" x 28' 4-ply lifting slings.
[photo courtesy of Allied Mechanical Co.]

Ratchet tie-down extensions with E-track fitting one end and 2" D-ring on other end.

Shoulder pads for backpacks, bookbags, etc...

Custom-made 2" x 36' orange tow lines with leather protection on eyeloops.

12" 2-ply white recovery strap with yellow wear pads inside of eyeloops.

Custom-made surfboard hanging slings. Hang your surfboard like a picture.

Surfboard hanging slings, different angle.

Surfboard hanging slings, different angle.

4" x 8' 2-ply nylon "stumpuller" strap. Comes with wear pads in eyeloops and full body wear pad (not seen in picture).

Custom-made wheel tie-down net strap, with 10,000 lbs. (approx.) wire hook and end.

10,000 lbs. (approx.) wire hook with protection pad on backside of hook, close-up.

12" x 24' 1-ply nylon lifting slings.

Lifting and positioning, with care, a 15,000 lb. golden Buddha statue.


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