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9374 Barkerville Avenue
Whittier, CA 90605

Manufacturers of custom-made nylon, polyester, and polypropylene webbing products for over 30 years...

  • We manufacture nylon, polyester, and polypropylene webbing products.

  • Heavy-Duty Products

    • Auto/RV Tow Lines
    • Boat Lifting Slings
    • Truck Tie-Down Straps
    • Recovery Straps

  • Lightweight Products

    • "Industrial Strength" Beeper Pouches
    • Cell-Phone Pouches
    • Light Tie-Down Straps with Plastic Side-Release Buckles

Do you need a heavy-duty strap of any description?
Do you have an idea for some new type of tie-down or lifting strap, but don't know where to have it made?
Do you need a tow strap that is 100 ft. long or longer?

Well, look no further, we can do it for you, and we have been doing this same thing for over 30 years.

How about "Heavy-Duty" sewing?

We are capable of sewing from 1/8" to 7/8" thick. We also use up to 80 lbs. test sewing thread (each stitch has the strength of 80 lbs.)

We make standard types of lifting and tie-down straps,
but we also make things that haven't been invented yet. All we need is an idea. Got one?

Over 85% of our products are designed "By the customers themselves"

Again, we do manufacture your standard type of Heavy Duty Lifting straps/slings for construction and machine shops, BUT, "the majority of our products are designed by the customers themselves". Custom work is "our specialty".

We'll work with your "Ideas/prototypes" and we'll work with you till it's ready for "Final Production".

Many of our customers have used us to create prototypes to obtain patents.
We can work with anything from basic blueprints to a simple description.
Contact us to get your prototype made.

From everyday uses to special lifting applicationseach strap and sling is made with safety in mind.

Our lifting and tie-down straps and slings are tagged and rated.

We comply with all OSHA requirements and specifications.

All Ardak products have a 100% satisfaction guarantee!!

Here are just a few of the many
different types of Ardak webbing products . . .

[Click on an image for a larger photo and more information]

Black Ratchets 12" Recovery Strap 2" Yellow - 200 ft. Anchor Line 4" Stump Puller Strap Various Heavy-Duty Lifting Slings Black 1" Large Net 2-Ply, 2-Legged Bridle Sling Heavy-Duty 2-Legged Bridle Leather Boot Protectors 2-Legged Bridle Sling 2-Legged Bridle Sling Engine Bridle Bookbag Hooks in use at a school

Many more of our products can be seen in our gallery.
Browse through to see what we can do and you may find a solution to fit your needs.

For prices/quotes or more information on any type of nylon, polyester, or polypropylene webbing products
or to receive a linecard/flyer with samples of actual webbing from our product line,
please E-MAIL us at morenylon@morenylon.com or CALL us Toll Free at (888) 693-4750 Mon - Sat

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Ardak Company
Toll Free (888) 693-4750 Mon - Sat
9374 Barkerville Avenue
Whittier, CA 90605

Ask us about our new "Industrial Strength" beeper/cell phone protection pouches.
Tough, rugged, and just like all Ardak Products, 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

We can all pull together with Ardak straps and slings

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